Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me


Comedy legend Marlon Wayans returns in his third comedy special for HBO Max, MARLON WAYANS: GOD LOVES ME, debuting THURSDAY, MARCH 2nd.
Marlon Wayans: God Loves Me

 I’m excited to be back in business with HBO Max. We’ve had a lot of success with my last two specials so this will be great. I know HBO Max and the sophisticated team of executives are notorious for being true tastemakers and snobs of comedy, so I am flattered that they found this special to be… special.

Filmed at the Center Stage Theater in Atlanta, Wayans delivers a hilarious hour-long performance, unleashing his spot-on impressions and fearless physical comedy to address one of the most infamous recent events in pop culture – “the slap” that took place at the 94th Academy Awards® ceremony. With his inimitable blunt and boisterous style, Wayans skillfully weaves anecdotes from his own life with stories about his long-time friends, from divulging his teenage crush on Jada Pinkett Smith, getting humbled by Chris Rock in an early stand-up set, and examining the impact of Will Smith’s long career. A daring tour-de-force, this special is a hysterical yet thoughtful exploration of friendship, family, mistakes, and redemption.

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