St. John

Shonda Rhimes teams up with Luxury Brand St. John

Shonda Rhimes has teamed up with St. John with its new ‘Own Your Power’ spring campaign

I love that they’re an American company, that they were female founded…And I also love the fact that they are size inclusive. I’ve worn these clothes when I was an 18 and I’ve worn these clothes when I was a 10.

The phrase “Own Your Power” is meant to inspire. 

St. John
Shonda Rhimes’ “Own Your Power” campaign for St. John.

“We were able to make this campaign really embody the sentiment that we all need to be proud and comfortable owning our power,” the exec director of Bridgerton shared with WWD

St. John
St. John

“The idea is really about putting women in clothes that they feel confident and empowered and put-together in, almost so you don’t have to worry,” said Rhimes, who has St. John sweaters and black pants on rotation in her wardrobe. “There’s something about having that armor…It allows you to present yourself the way you want to be presented, so that you can present your ideas the way they need to be presented.”

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