Florida Vacation

A Little About My Florida Vacation

I had been looking forward to my Florida vacation all year!

Never go on trips with anyone you do not love. – Ernest Hemingway

I used to be one of those people that put all my time and energy into work. So much so that for 10 years I lived out of a suitcase, missed holidays with family and even some important school events. I never took vacation. Just worked!

These last couple of years have taught me to be present, rest is important to our physical/mental health and to spend time loving on your loved ones because tomorrow is not promised.

So now I take vacations! I use them as a time to relax, spending time catching up with loved ones and hitting the reset button.

Florida Vacation

So when my boo said pack your things I’m taking you to Florida I immediately jumped on Zara ad TopShop to find me some cute pool clothes..lol

Even though it rained everyday, I enjoyed just being. We stayed at the beautiful Tuscany Village Resort, spent some time at Disney, ate some good food, sipped on libations and just enjoyed being in each other’s company (let me tell ya’ll something, get you somebody you enjoy being around it makes a world of difference!)

We are committed to getting away as much as possible. Even if it’s just getting away for the weekend. We are officially a Black Couple who Travels and I’m glad about it!

Let your light shine!


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