CREED III Featurette

WATCH: New CREED III Featurette ft. Tessa Thompson & Mila Davis-Kent

MGM has released a new CREED III featurette featuring actress Tessa Thompson who plays Bianca (Adonis wife) and Mila Davis-Kent(who portrays the couples’ daughter Amara.

There would be no Adonis without Bianca and Amara.

Michael B. Jordan made his directorial debut and had a knockout opening weekend. According to reports, the film earned nearly $59 million in the United States and over $100 million internationally, which exceeded its projections in both categories.

The 3rd installment in the CREED franchise has an underlying theme of faith, family and community and if you haven’t seen it, I would highly recommend you go this weekend. It doesn’t disappoint.

Check out the featurette below:

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