Sisters in Prayer Brunch

Simone Smith and Tonya Winfield Hosts Annual Sisters in Prayer Brunch and Bible Study

Simone Smith and Tonya Winfield opened up their homes for their annual Sisters in Prayer Brunch with good friends whom each they call “SIP’s”

On Thursday night Winfield hosted the groups Bible Study which was lead by the Rec. Cordelia Wallace, and on Friday Smith hosted the SIP’s annual brunch.

These are my sisters in prayer (SIP’s)! This weekend we gathered at my home on Thursday night for our annual in person Bible study and then had our beautiful brunch at our SIP Simone‘s house on Saturday. It was an incredible few days led by our prophetic teacher who we all love, Rev Cordelia Wallace.

Sisters in Prayer Brunch
Photo Credit: Facebook Screen Grab

Our group was formed early in the pandemic via Zoom when we all were searching for a way to study God‘s word amongst our friends around the country. Once a week we come together and we are still going strong!! Thanks to our sister, Simone Smith, who was the brain child for it, we have an incredible sisterhood!! Love these ladies!!

Some of the famous faces in attendance were Cookie Johnson, Dannella Lane, Chevion Reese, Jennifer McHenry, Nina Whittington Cooper, and many more…

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