Mike and Kyra Epps

Mike and Kyra Epps HGTV Series ‘Buying Back the Block’ Premieres this Summer

Mike and Kyra Epps will be revitalizing his childhood Indianapolis neighborhood in the new HGTV series Buying Back the Block. Premiering summer 2023 on HGTV.
Mike and Kyra Epps

The actor who is also a Real Estate Investor and his wife, television producer and design enthusiast Kyra Epps, who’ve already transformed an abandoned firehouse on the block into their stunning new family home, will continue improving the neighborhood and restoring a sense of community with more property renovations. The duo will update each house, adding modern amenities and keeping the original charm, to create affordable and beautiful places for families to buy or rent. Driven by his passionate vision, Mike will be hands-on as he oversees the projects, including the overhaul of his grandmother’s house, alongside his expert construction team. The three-episode series is slated to air in summer 2023.

“Kyra and I are restoring two homes on the block, one was my grandmother’s house from the 1960s,” said Mike. “Our kids will see us work firsthand, nail by nail, to rebuild these homes and our community. Our goal is to inspire legacy and family for generations to come.”

Buying Back the Block (wt) is produced by GoodStory Entertainment.

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