Always say yes to Miami.

I spent the weekend in Miami. Specifically in the Miami Design District. The reason was a specific one: for my daughters 28th birthday.

Being big city girls our initial plan was to fly into NYC, but we changed our minds when we couldn’t find reasonable flights. So, to the Magic City it was and I’m so happy we made it our choice.

The ocean is everything I want to be. Beautiful, mysterious, wild, and free.

If you know my daughter then you know she created an itinerary of things for us to do everyday. But, if you know me then you know I wasn’t about to be controlled by anyone’s, but seriously we had an amazing time. I got some much needed rest and relaxation and she got the “Best Birthday Ever!”

We stayed at The Quadro, a beautiful AirBnB condo that is walking distance to the Design District and minutes from the beach and nightlife.

Arianna asked for three things on her birthday… to experience the Yacht life, eat at Swan (Pharrell’s restaurant) and shopping of course. We did all three.

The icing on the cake was the fact that two of her best girlfriends were able to join us. One flew in from Chicago and the other from Atlanta.

The Magic City

By the time we made it to the Design District and had our tea and muffin at the Fendi cafe´, the stores had long wait times to get in or like Dior and Balenciaga you had to have an appointment…. and since we’re not married to wealthy men, we politely removed ourselves and went back to the condo and ate chicken wings and fries.

We told ourselves that we will be back! I truly enjoyed this birthday/vacation trip. I told our Yacht captain that I could live in Miami. It’s my speed. Luxury and laid back….

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