Tiffany Cross

Tiffany Cross Statement on her “Abrupt” Dismissal from MSNBC

Tiffany Cross has released a statement after MSNBC announced on Friday that they were parting ways with the beloved Cross Connection host.

In a statement posted to her social media accounts, the media personality shared that she was “disheartened” by the news and thanked her 4.6 million monthly viewers for their support.

Even though this chapter may be coming to an end, this won’t be the last time we hear for the host that stands in truth even if she has to stand alone!

Tiffany Cross

Read her statement below:

“I am disheartened to learn of MSNBC’s decision to cancel my show, ‘The Cross Connection,’ at such a crucial time — four days before the midterm elections,” she shared. . “And we were intentional about centering marginalized voices of the rising majority — from all communities of color.”

She added: “We know that now is not the time for politics or journalism as usual. The two years I spent at MSNBC have been disruptive and transformative, changing how politics are discussed and making policy more digestible, I hope. It was the opportunity of a lifetime to create a show the culture would be proud to keep trending every weekend. While this journey ended abruptly, surprising many of us, my work is not done. As political violence has reached a fever pitch, it is becoming inherently more dangerous to speak the truth. But I will not stop. The attacks on me from other outlets and former hosts will never control my narrative.. Thank you to my community and fans for your overwhelming advocacy and support. Thank you to the more than 4.6 million monthly viewers. I am forever in awe of you and so grateful. See you soon!”

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