Tammy Franklin

Tammy Franklin: Monday Marriage Motivation

It’s no secret that Tammy Franklin and Kirk Franklin have done the work to keep their marriage together.

The Franklins’ are forever slaying social media with their date night posts and captions full of Godly wisdom.

Tammy Franklin
Photo Credit: Kirk Instagram

This weekend was no different, Tammy, who has been married to Kirk for over 25 years used her social platforms to bless us with a cute pic and to share what she calls “Marriage Motivation,” with her followers:

1. KEEP DATING EACH OTHER – (Don’t allow life, work, even dem kids to be an interruption to the romancing of each other)

2. Dates don’t have to always cost a lot! Sometimes it can be a nice restaurant, other times, a movie night on the couch, or going for a walk/picnic in the park ( can somebody say $free99🙌🏽)

3. Take turns planning. I’m intentional about taking my husband on dates ( men like to feel special too😉)

4. Surround your self with like-minded/fun couples, and occasionally include them. Creates good conversation and encouragement❤️!

5. Dates can be anytime of the day and don’t have to be limited to nighttime or the weekends…. (And ummmm the same goes for the bedroom.

It’s #5 for me!

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