Tom Bombadil

Rings of Power Surprise! Tom Bombadil making season 2 appearance

Awesome News for Lord of the Rings fans!!!!!! Tom Bombadil, Tolkein’s character will make a season 2 appearance in the hit Amazon series Rings of Power!

The “older than old” character hasn’t appeared in any of the other cinematic renditions of Lord Of The Rings, so this is BIG news.

Tom Bombadil

The Prime Video series based on Tolkien’s ancient history of his fantasy realm, will finally feature Tom Bombadil—along with his jolly songs and his flamboyant wardrobe—when its second season begins August 29. Bombadil was described in Tolkien’s books as “older than the old,” a benevolent entity who began life around the time all life began, so his existence in this earlier era, thousands of years before the events of The Lord of the Rings, fits within the canon established by the author.

Will you be watching?

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