Renaissance movie premiere

Michelle Williams wins the Chrome Carpet at Renaissance Movie Premiere

Michelle Williams walked the chrome carpet for the Renaissance movie premiere in Los Angeles on Saturday.

Williams who was styled by J. Bolin wore a Bishme Cromartie creation that included a cape and tulle train.

Renaissance movie premiere

“Beyonce’s new film is awesome, it is amazing. I’m trying to find an adjective that is appropriate,” Williams, shared in a video posted on her Instagram. “Every time she shows the world something, she just continues to show a new level of how hard she works and still balances her personal life, being a wife, mother, sister, friend, a daughter… She does it all.”

She continued, “She does everything with so much excellence, does not take no for an answer – especially when she knows it could be done. I will never forget hearing her say, ‘If I had a dream about it, that means it could happen.’ She’s literally like, ‘If I dreamed it, I want to see my dream in reality.’ ” 

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