Mary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige on The Drew Barrymore Show

Mary J. Blige was on the Drew Barrymore Show last week to promote her new children’s book “Mary Can.”

Mary J. Blige

During her sit down with Barrymore, Mary shared how she learned to speak positively over herself after her divorce.

I developed this when I got a divorce. While I was in the marriage, and for years I’d been insecure, didn’t like the sound of my voice, didn’t like what I looked like, didn’t like anything about myself and then when I got married the person really just watered that seed of my own self doubt and my own insecurity and made it worse. And I heard…what you say about yourself and how you think about yourself is way more important and effective than what anybody else can say or think about you. So if you speak positivity over yourself, and that’s what I started doing. So my first big confession was the album I put out called ‘Good Morning Gorgeous.’ I didn’t believe I was gorgeous ever but I had to say something I didn’t believe that was bigger than me and then it began to manifest in my heart…you have to believe that about yourself. 

An Amen goes there!

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