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Marriage Talk with Sarah Jakes Roberts, Touré Roberts, Shaunie Henderson and Keion Henderson

Pastor Sarah Jakes Roberts, Touré Roberts along with Pastor Keion and Shaunie Henderson lead the Marriage, Mental Health & the Marketplace” session from the 2023 International Leadership Summit.

During the Bishop T.D. Jakes founded summit the couples teamed up to share with attendees some funny but honest insight and strategies for other powerhouse couples striving for success at the crossroads of business and marriage.

I first saw an Instagram post from Pastor Hannah, who attended the event that once this video became available every married couple, newly engaged or folks who desired to be married should watch it.

Well, he was right! During the session each couple in their own unique way teaches how you can pour into your spouse and support each other as individuals while walking in harmony to achieve your unified goals.

Get ready for some real talk from these no-holds-barred couples!

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