Koryn Hawthorne

Look at God! Koryn Hawthorne is Engaged!

Gospel singer Koryn Hawthorne recently got engaged to her childhood friend and shared the news and their engagement photos with ESSENCE.

So who is the fiancé? His name is Hunter Register. and they’ve known each other since they were kids, because their brothers used to play basketball together.

Koryn Hawthorne

“We used to share snacks from the concession stand and run around together,” Hawthorne says. “We’ve stayed friends throughout the years and one day decided to catch up. We hung out and have been together every day since.”

What Hawthorne is looking forward to the most about getting married?

“What I’m looking forward to most about marrying Hunter is growing together. I can’t wait to see where God will take us because life is truly a journey,” says Hawthorne. “He’s my partner and my best friend. Whether we’re fighting demons or accomplishing goals, I’m glad I’ll have him by my side.”

Koryn Hawthorne

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