Demi Singleton

“King Richard” Star Demi Singleton Covers Cultured Magazine

Demi Singleton who portrays the iconic Serena Williams in King Richard covers Cultured Magazines winter youth Issue.

Looking fabulous in Gucci, the actress opens up about portraying the tennis star as well as her advice for girls like her.

Don’t let ‘no’ stop you!

Demi Singleton

King Richard deals with themes of societal pressure, family dynamics, race relations and so much more, which Singleton says are all crucial themes for audiences to understand. “I would say one important theme is family. Family is everything. Throughout the movie, you see how close the Williams family really was with one another. Serena and Venus are iconic, but they didn’t do it on their own. People don’t know what Serena and Venus and the rest of the family went through behind the scenes for them to get to this point. No one knows what Richard even went through just to have his girls play safely on the tennis court. They really had to work harder than any other player that they were playing against, especially with them being Black girls in an all-white sport.”

Like Serena, Singleton has a similar message for other young black women following their dreams, “If there’s something that you really love, don’t hold back… don’t let ‘no’ stop you, because being in this industry, I’ve heard ‘no’ so many times, but if I let that stop me, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Just keep going and try your best to tune out any of the negative things that you hear.”

King Richard is in theaters and on HBO Max Nov. 19th

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