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Kierra Sheard Kelly Baby Shower pics

Gospel singer Kierra Sheard Kelly had what she called her 1st baby shower over the weekend for baby Khloe Drew and it was truly a pink affair filled with love and blessings.

Yesterday was our first baby shower and our village showed up. My family and friends love me, and the way they make it known always reminds me of how God loves us through people.

They turned a strolling baby shower into an actual sitting and warm shower by taking time out of their day to show up and be present by flying in, staying, stopping by, improv hosting, improv assisting, gifting, praying, loving, cheering, and so much more. 

To feel as secure as I’ve felt from child to woman, is a blessing and privilege, and our sweet baby has some prayer warriors, beautiful souls, genuine hearts, and safe goons to love, correct, and cover her. We are beyond appreciative of every last one of you; and even you who I know would’ve made an effort had you known.

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