There is a Barbie that represents our Zodiac Sign

Yep! There is a Barbie that captures the characteristics of our zodiac sign ladies.

According to an article posted on one of my partner sites, our childhood excitement wasn’t necessarily about Barbie herself, but the characters we created for Barbie in our own imagination. 

So if you’ve always felt like a Barbie girl living in a Barbie world, stylecaster has featured the iconic doll and the zodiac sign that captures our zodiac the most.

I was born July 1st so if you’re a cancer baby like me, you’re Malibu Barbie! (and based on what she’s wearing and how she’s described, yep! this is so me!)

Cancer: You’re Malibu Barbie

The legendary Malibu Barbie is emblematic of everything it means to be a Cancer. This water sign lives and breathes on the beach, where the sand meets the water. Malibu Barbie was originally released in 1971, capturing the feel of heading to the beach and spending a sunny, carefree day with your best friends. Malibu Barbie is here to relax with her loved ones and immerse herself in the good vibes, just like any Cancer. And because this nostalgic zodiac sign is always looking to the past, Malibu Barbie remains just as fresh in our memories as she did in the early 70’s.

Leo: You’re Superstar Barbie

Like any Leo, the Superstar Barbie knows everyone’s eyes are on her. She has no problem attracting all the attention in the room with her glittering ruffle boa and her jewelry that shimmers under disco light. This doll—which was released in 1977—knows she has lots of fans. And because Leos love to be adored, this doll was accompanied by a Ken doll that was released in 1978. To compliment Barbie’s hot pink evening ensemble, Ken arrived wearing a royal blue velvet suit. But don’t worry—he never overshadowed Superstar Barbie’s glory.

Click this link so you can check out your Barbie zodiac sign.

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