steph curry and his dad Dell

Steph Curry and his dad Dell Curry launch podcast

NBA superstar Steph Curry and his dad Dell Curry just launched an audible podcast titled ‘Heat Check.’

Heat Check brings the father and son together to tell the story of their iconic family’s journey in sports, told through the lens of this notable father and son duo. The show will also feature conversations about the biggest names and games in NBA history.

“What’s it take to overcome the odds and change the game? That’s at the heart of the warm and revealing conversations between epic NBA sharpshooters—and father and son—Dell and Steph Curry in their Audible Original Heat Check,” Audible’s statement on the upcoming series read. “While Dell laid the groundwork, Steph later delivered a whole new era of jaw-dropping three-pointers from a time previously dominated by flying dunks. In these episodes, we hear how Steph experienced his life’s journey and how Dell saw it play out.”

steph curry and his dad Dell


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