Carrie and Aidan

Reunited! Carrie and Aidan

And Just Like That we have a Carrie and Aidan reunion and it feels so good!

On Friday, the official And Just Like That… Instagram account shared several photos of Sarah Jessica Parker and John Corbett holding hands as they walked down the street in New York City while filming the series.

Carrie and Aidan

The post was captioned, “Shh. Don’t tell anyone.

The two have a long history. during one of Carrie and Big breakups she meets Aidan who I named the seat filler, because everybody knows Big has always had her heart.

and just like that Carrie and Aidan

Their relationship was close to perfect until…… she ran into Big. She ends up messing around with Big and her and Aidan break-up. They eventually got back together, he proposed, but they never married.

She ran into Aidan again during the 1st installment of Sex and the City the movie after Big left her at the altar…

We pick up with the new HBO series And Just Like That…

Season 1 saw Carrie grieve the death of her longtime love Big after a heart attack. Now finally able to breathe again, here comes Aidan…

We will have to wait for season 2 of the new hit series to see what comes of Carrie and Aidan’s relationship if any. But here’s to 2nd chances at love!

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