Omar Dorsey and Crystle Roberson

Omar Dorsey and  Crystle Roberson: pics from their intimate weekend wedding

Actor Omar Dorsey and Crystle Roberson tied the knot at Casa Del Mar in Santa Monica, California in front of 80 of their closest family and friends over the weekend.

Omar Dorsey is married

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, Dorsey shared:

Getting married means having a partner to navigate through life. Being with my best friend everyday, forever, being family. Taking care of one another. Hanging tight through the highs and eventual lows that will inevitably come. All the while knowing that we can get through anything together.

For the wedding, the couple used pearl and gold as the color scheme. They explained gold represents the sunrise, which is a metaphor for their new beginning together. “The hope that our marriage will be as everlasting and faithful as the rising sun,” Dorsey said.

“Pearl symbolizes the purity of our love and the organic way that our love was formed,” he added.

Omar Dorsey is married

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