Jessica Kelly Basquiat

Jessica Kelly Basquiat Coach’s Mother’s Day Campaign

Jessica Kelly Basquiat the niece of painting legend Jean-Michel Basquiat is featured in Coach’s Mother’s Day campaign alongside her daughter Emma.

This Mother’s Day, we wanted to recognize all the ways mothers inspire and shape us.

The I “I Got It From My Mom” campaign is a reference to Coach’s legacy of handing down bags from generation to the next.

Jessica Kelly Basquiat

As the niece of painting legend Jean-Michel Basquiat, Kelly truly marches to her own drum—just one of the gifts she got from her mom.

Jessica Kelly Basquiat

“When I hear ‘I Got It From My Mom’ I think about somebody’s energy, somebody’s physical appearance, maybe the way that they dress,” she recently shared. “My mom loves showing her legs, and I’m the same way. So I think about those things…I’m a multi-tasker like her .”

Celebrating the joy found in the things we pass from one generation to another,

This launch also highlights Coach’s Pillow Tabby, Madison Shoulder Bag and the role mother figures play in the casts’ lives.

Jennifer Lopez, Tommy Dorfman and Noah Beck also star in the brands Mother’s Day Campaign.

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