Carrie Bradshaw at the MET

And Just Like That Carrie Bradshaw at the MET Gala in her iconic wedding dress!

The season 2 premiere of And Just Like That finds Carrie Bradshaw at the MET in her wedding dress from the Sex and The City movie where Big stood her up at the altar.

So why did Carrie’s old gown get resurrected?

*This is where the spoiler comes in, so if you don’t want me to spoil it for you, stop reading!*

Carrie tapped Smoke, the fashion designer wife of her former podcast bestie, Jackie Nee, to make her Met Gala dress, which was suppose to include a cape. The cape was complete, but the stomach flu had been going around the NYC seamstress community, and she wasn’t able to complete the dress in time for fashion’s biggest night.

carrie Bradshaw at the MET

Carrie had another dress in her closet that she could wear with the cape instead. Her iconic Vivienne Westwood wedding gown. The one she wore when her late husband Big left her at the altar ( the first time they tried to marry). But Carrie got over it, and out came the dress for THAT walk down her apartment steps.

And Just Like That season 2 first two episodes are now streaming on MAX.

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